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Charlie Cole

Sports Massage

- Huw Neville, Feb 2020

"My background is in powerlifting training and I had been dealing with some tightness and discomfort after a competition. The massage really helped me to loosen up, especially in my upper back and quads. Would definitely recommend."

Strong Body. Strong Mind.


Helping those in need of injury prevention and rehab.


Here at Charlie Cole Sports Massage we offer treatments that utilise a range of soft tissue and rahabilitation techniques.  All programmes are tailored to your individual needs but may include: PNF and assisted stretching, resistance training, joint mobilisation, and Myofascial release.

The benefits of sports therapy are: quicker recovery, increased mobility, improved body symmetry and a better understanding of how parts of your body work.  As a result you should find that your sleep improves, your healthier joints make lifting heavy loads easier and exercise poses feel more comfortable.

Charlie will ensure you leave knowing how to implement his advice in the home and every day life.  If you find you need extra advice out of your session please don't hesitate to get in touch with Charlie as he will be happy to assist you.

Sports Massage/Injury Rehab Therapy​

A full assessment and treatment entirely tailored to you.

Competition and Event Therapy

Highly recommended for Strength and physique events

Corporate and Office Therapy.​

A great package to help improve employee morale and productivity.


for NHS staff and students



Charlie is known specifically for his case by case approach to Sports and remedial therapy. Every client has a unique story and reason to be in the treatment room and Charlie, through thorough assessment of individual needs, tailors treatment to the needs of the client, rather than a fixed formula or routine.


Charlie Cole’s passion is to work with athletes in the bodybuilding and power lifting sectors to keep them in the best physical condition, whether they are on prep, in off season, or working towards a power lifting competition. 


The techniques Charlie incorporates into treatment include deep tissue massage, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (from Gua Sha,) muscle energy techniques, spinal manipulation and much more. 


Charlie himself is a keen power lifter, and has worked with some of the best local and national athletes to hone his technique and to lift pain free, something he is passionate to pass onto his clients. 

Certified Professional

L3 Sports Massage, YMCA Fitness training

L4 sports and remedial massage and rehab therapy, Core elements

Musculoskeletal Examination and Assesment, Core Elements

Spinal Manipulation, John Gibbons Bodymaster Method

Functional Anatomy, John Gibbons Bodymaster Method

Vital Nerves complex CPD, John Gibbons Bodymaster Method

Pre/Post natal Therapy, School of Natural Therapies.



"As a bodybuilder who has been out of training due to various injuries for over a year now, I would highly recommend Charlie! He's enabled me to finally get back into the gym when I had nearly lost hope of recovery."

- Christy, Nov 2020




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Mon -  Sun: 10am - 8pm


7 Peartree Road


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